Duwayne Burnside – Under Pressure

MI00025349212005 Under Pressure manages to stay within the parameters of traditional blues yet sound modern at the same time.  The band stays somewhat away from the endless shuffle trap that shuffles many recent blues records into irrelevancy.

Burnside has a rough and ready voice that has much soulfulness. His guitar playing is meaty and to the point and powerful and his tones are especially down and greasy on “Gotta Pretty Woman”.

Another highlight is “King” where Burnside channels a snakey Hendrix.

One can go so far as to say that the record has a punky quality similar to what we have heard from James Blood Ulmer.  This is music that deserves to be heard by a much wider audience.

1 Production Quality: 17
2 Relative Quality: 18
3 Artfulness: 17
4 Originality: 17
5 Technicality: 17


Under Pressure - Duwayne Burnside & The Mississippi Mafia

Duwayne Burnside: Guitar
Gary Burnside: Bass
Roy Cunningham: Drums

John Scofield – This And That

41t69qcbtlss500es22007 John Scofield has one of the most unique voices in modern jazz guitar. Employing a more aggressive tone than many jazz players, Scofield remains an easily accessible player while often playing outside a narrow jazz idiom.

This Meets That is somewhat more diverse record than the typical Scofield offering, which tends to be thematic. A highlight of the recording is a wonderful take on “House of the Rising Son” where fellow jazz guitar giant Bill Frisell and Scofield take the tune into new places.

The album also has a good smattering of hard bop where Scofield really shines. The production quality is outstanding – sounding more like a big budget rock record than a more mellow toned jazz offering.

Bill Stewart and Steve Swallow lay down big grooves also adding to the overall commercial friendly vibe of the album.

This Meets That is another forward moving effort from John Scofield that expertly mixes shades of light and dark and bop and funk.

1 Production Quality: 17
2 Relative Quality: 18
3 Artfulness: 17
4 Originality: 17
5 Technicality: 19


John Swana: Trumpet
John Scofield: Guitar
Lawrence Feldman: Tenor Sax
Jim Pugh: Trombone
Steve Swallow: Bass
Bill Stewart: Drums